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I have a client that I love love love to work for. It’s been fun making over her living room, dining room, powder room and now kitchen. All of the rooms have been done on a budget (somewhat). We kept the dining room furniture and just made the room pretty and updated. Here’s a small before and after of one wall:

I took that chest from the living room, took the mirror top off and used it here. The marble is practical for serving food, so it seemed like a good idea!

We did deconstruct and make a new mantle in the living room, but we did not buy all new furniture in here either, choosing to reupholster the sofa and add a big leather ottoman and a few small pieces. Same drapes as before and everything. The new, handmade mantle is quartersawn oak and I took that picture as soon as the staining was done, but nothing was touched up yet. Client loves warm woods and was not getting to expose the hardwood floors (lost battle to husband) so this seemed like a good way for her to get her wood, eh?

The powder room definitely could be completely reno’d but budget budget budget- we just had to make do and disguise and play down what we didn’t like (gray and burgundy tile). Cosmetic touches to make the house feel good, without performing full surgery with anesthesia. I actually don’t have any after pictures of this room yet but here’s the before (client is going to kill me):

We actually took off the wallpaper in the foyer and painted. I swapped out the old foyer light with a new Swarovski crystal flushmount. Nothing dramatic here, but the sparkle is so nice. That mirror top I mentioned before? That went in the foyer. It looks so cool there, this big old wood frame. Do I have a pic to show you? Uh. No. Note to self: don’t start a blog post without the necessary photos.

The kitchen was not part of the original plan but… my client’s HUSBAND actually said said to her, can we update this too? That took all of 3 seconds before the email with that request landed in my inbox! We took out the floral paper and the window treatments. Changed the dining table and chairs as well as the light above it. A little insight:

We ended up ripping up the hardwood floor that was not looking so hot anymore and installing this awesome tile (that’s the grout sample).

We ran the tile through the kitchen and down the back hallway that connects to the living room. The new floor has colors from the dining room and the living room, and of course, the kitchen!
So, there are a few “sneak peaks” of one of my projects. I think the client is loving it, and things have been done in babysteps so it’s never been overwhelming. Now I just need to get my good camera out and take some more pictures!

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Gee – what a wonderful, well-adjusted client this must be. How lucky for you that she has a sense of humor and would not resent any comments you might have about the “BEFORE” pictures! But seriously, fellow bloggers, Chris Kohut is THE BEST – she has transformed my home in a million unique ways [Would you believe an inexpensive painting on canvas from Pier One that looks like a million dollar buy from a NYC art gallery??]. She is willing to work within the confines of a budget and most importantly is a whole lot of fun. I might just ask her to be on a permanent retainer – she's part of the family now. Thanks for everything, Chris!

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