Some Things Take Time

Well, lots of stuff has been ordered for several different clients. That feels good! What doesn’t feel good is the fact that some of the items finally arrived after weeks of waiting and they are damaged. Grrr. And to make matters worse, a custom roller shade I ordered in May was supposed to come in a few weeks ago and today I just found out that it was not made at all due to a snafu at the facility. They never informed me, but today they were “very sorry” for the confusion. New samples are being expedited and I have to order a new shade, which will add weeks! Double Grrr!
Those who work in similar fields know that sometimes these things happen, but clients don’t always understand. I strive to give my clients the best service possible and it probably bother me more than anyone when these silly snafus happen.
Just a frustrating day playing catch up, chasing down new chairs, a new fan, a new shade, and that darn custom office chair that wants to lol fabulous but continues to misbehave and not work properly!
(Triple Grrrr!)

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