Tech Takes Over The Kitchen

Tech is seriously taking over the kitchen in 2018. I swear Rosie the Robot is going to be at the next KBIS in 2019.

Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons

In the Signature Kitchen Suite booth, we saw A LOT of technology. There are new “steam closets” with wifi built in. The washing machine can send you a message on your phone when the wash is done.

LG USA steam closet #designhounds #blogtourkbis

From getting out wrinkles to to killing bacteria on baby toys to getting the stink out of hockey gear, this thing is awesome. Think about the dry cleaning savings! And with the wifi connections, you are able to start it from your phone. What the tech?!? (ok, don’t roll your eyes!)

LG USA steam closet #designhounds #blogtourkbis #tech

And then the TV talks to the refrigerator and the fridge can look up a recipe and start the oven for you and the little robot on the counter talks to you and tells you when your food is ready!

Seriously, what the tech??? (haha, ok, I’ll stop.)

LG USA range brings tech into the kitchen #designhounds #blogtourkbis

Watch as he shows us how this fridge does its thing.

You can check what’s inside your fridge from your phone in the grocery store. Alexa can keep track of your shopping list. WHAT?! 👀

LG USA ThinQ Refrigerator brings tech to the kitchen

And the TV can tell you when the laundry or dishwasher is done. The remote also can tell the robot vacuum to start or stop. I can’t even deal. You know I love tech gadgets. It’s getting quite close to Rosie in the house. Or maybe a robot that looks like Rosie but is named Alexa, who could use a more mobile body than the Echo.

**the Echo link leads you to an affiliate post, and if you choose to make a purchase, there is no extra cost to you, but I may make a commission, which helps cover my costs of running this blog.**

She is able to do so much, I shouldn’t be surprised that she’s in that fridge, too!

This is just a small taste of smart home technology. There’s so much more stuff to talk about from KBIS. I am so glad that I was able to attend, with the generous help of the Designhounds Sponsors.

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I’ve been writing a post on this too after KBIS. I’m worried that appliances will be too smart for me soon. I’ll have to hire someone to use my oven, fridge, coffee machine etc for me. The idea that I can turn on my oven before getting home does thrill me slightly but also makes me infinitely nervous!

Wow what will they think of next? I struggle with our TV so I think some of this would be beyond me, he he!

Fiona Mostyn

I’m seeing more and more integrated technology in all parts of the home. The steam closet is a great addition. I’ve not seen that before!


This is just the beginning! I would love some more technologically advanced laundering devices. However these appliances could get pricey and upgrades might be difficult.

Fawn Interiors Studio

In the (not-so-distant) future we won’t even have to think for ourselves at all! But a more helpful kitchen would be a good place to start, to make our lives easier. 🙂


Agree with Stacey on the pre-heating oven but do feel that this is just early days for the IOT (internet of things). The one problem that comes to mind is how these appliances (which are more expensive as it’s early days) will be able to be upgraded. We have yet to see something concrete from LG and ELECTROLUX (who are part of an alliance in relation to launching more IOT appliances). I would love to be able to scan items that go into my fridge and for the fridge to tell me what’s gone off or is nearing its due date… that might not be around for a few years still. The ‘pantry’ style fridge where you can re-order from a screen on your fridge would also be handy. I would also like a fridge that has integrated radio and speakers. :))) so i can dance around it!

Natalie Holden

This made me laugh! It’s crazy how technology is evolving so quickly. This just reminds me of the tv show Human’s, did you ever see it? At this rate we will be buying actual robots to cook our dinner and do our laundry very soon! Some of these appliances look very cool. I’m up for anything that makes cooking and chores easier.


Oh wow i love those ! But also as an energy saving person i tend to switch wi fi & cooker off at night that which i think would mess all the settings up x hehe

Stacey Sheppard

Kitchen appliances are going to be smarter than the people who own them at this rate. I think a lot of this technology is a bit unnecessary and lazy but some of it could be really helpful. I’d love to be able to check what’s in my fridge remotely for example. And to be able to pre-heat my oven remotely. That would be handy.

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