That Feeling When…

TFW people at parties find out you’re an interior designer. They start asking you for your opinion on floor samples, or what your favorite wall colors are, or where you get your stuff from. It’s also fun when they start describing the room they can’t figure out and ask you what you would do. Or show you pictures and ask you what kind of chairs or lights they should get.

It’s awesome.

Okay, maybe not so awesome. It’s just like asking a dermatologist you just met to look at the mole on your back. While he’s sipping champagne and noshing on hors d’oeurves. He loves that, surely.

What IS awesome is when they meet you and want to hire you so that you can actually give your expert opinion. They actually want you to help them create a real space in real time that they will really enjoy. Or maybe it’s just me.

So, if you’re at a party and you coincidentally have design needs and you happen to meet someone fabulous who could actually help you, consider it a sign! A sign that maybe this person could actually solve all your problems… if you hire her or him.

But don’t do it if you think it’ll be like this:

I know we all have that urge when we meet or know people who might have answers we seek, and most of the time, it can’t hurt to ask. But if you want more than a very general answer, please consider that the answers you seek are how these people make a living.  And they can’t afford to do it for free.


That is your cheeky PSA for today.

Have a great weekend!

Header Image via: @designmanager on Instagram

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