The Never Ending Kitchen saga continues

In case you don’t remember, or never read my old posts, this is what the kitchen used to look like.

This is what the kitchen looked like last week from pretty much the same angles:

And now we are nearing the end of the 12th week. My joke of this possibly being done by the time school gets out at the end of June is sounding less like a joke.

Yes, things take longer than they say, and no, I’m not an idiot- I tell people this for a living. 

Appliances will get hooked up on Tuesday because, hey, this weekend is Memorial Day weekend and some people think that equals a four (FOUR??) day weekend. So Tuesday it is. If all goes right, I might actually have a working kitchen sink by Tuesday night and won’t have to take a shower with my dishes.

Don’t get me started on the outside of the house reno. Just pass the wine. Now.

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