The “Wait” is Over

…get it?

This is the WAITING room that I worked on with the office space. The original space was done at the same time as the office, which looked like this BEFORE:

The old waiting room coordinated with the old mauve office shown above, with shades of gray and mauve in the striped wallpaper and the shiny, “wood grained” paneled wainscoting. The fluorescent lighting, while quite effective in illuminating the space, really didn’t add warmth to this ground level room.

(Clicking on all the photos below will enlarge them if you want to see them better, just use your back button to come back to the post.)

Here’s another view of the waiting room, with the new chair put in for fun.

The paneling was a thorn in the owner’s side. Ripping it out and re-sheetrocking the whole space was going to add significant time and money to the project. With other major home improvements looming in the near future, the decision was made to keep it and make it look as fresh and new as possible.
If you read the prior post on the office, then you already know we had about 10 days to get both rooms done, plus a powder room (that had plastic tiles! That will be a new post). New carpets, new lighting, new ceilings, fresh paint, new furniture, accessories, and window treatments, and voila!

To show you again, from this:

To this!

And from this…

To This!

Out with the old:

And in with the new:

New window treatments will installed as soon as I can get over there. The sofa is a durable microfiber that will hold up to the arrival of many clients. It also is a sleeper sofa for when the owner has overnight guests to her home.

I love the white glass lamp with the woven shade that is on the new stone table. I will have to get a better picture of that! (FOUND IT!)

What do you think? Is it a calm, gender and age neutral environment fitting for a psychologist’s waiting room?

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