Time To Break Out of This Funk


I’ve been in a bit of a funk. I haven’t wanted to sit down and blog. Or do much of anything, really.

The weather hasn’t helped. It’s been raining for a week, except for a part of last Monday. What is this, Seattle? I would be thrilled for my garden, but I don’t have my garden anymore (one source of my funk) and I don’t know if the new owners of my house really care as much as I did about each of those plants in the yard. I would literally talk to them. I’m a bit nuts. I didn’t have the prettiest or fanciest gardens, but it was mine and I spent about 14 years watching it grow.

There was the time I had all sorts of annuals and perennials in the front yard.

That started to change after the creepy neighbor would spy on me and take pictures while I worked in the garden!

I started to hang out more in the back yard instead. Last spring looked like this as things started to grow.

Summer days back there made me so happy!

The silver lining is I won’t have to deal with these thugs anymore.

I do admit, that part does make me happy.

Back to my funk…

I was visiting my mom last weekend for Mother’s Day, and she is a MAJOR green thumb. Being farther south, everything was in full bloom and I loved all of the flowers. And when I got back to my rental house, I was back to being kind of bummed out. I kept thinking about all the peonies I planted last year that will probably bloom this year and I won’t get to see them.

So I had to do SOMETHING.

I needed to get some plants!

Ozzy is usually thrilled, but not this time.

I struggled not to buy any hydrangeas or peonies that I would have to leave behind when I leave, but these yellow ones were just glowing. I just stood there for far too long, looking at the blooms. Eventually I took a picture, because it lasts longer.

I stuck to just a few things to pot, mostly because the plants didn’t fit in the cart with Ozzy.

While I just used a few of my old planters, I wish I could buy a ton of new planters like these.


Click the image to shop

Or these white knobby ones.

Click the image to shop 

This cute hanging planter caught my eye.

I had to make do with what I currently have, thinking I will invest in my new garden when I find my new home. A little black Minwax Gel Stain to cover up the old antique white finish and this little planter is good to go.

One thing I have told all my garden friends they had to get was something that I actually left at the old house! This hose is my favorite. After investing big bucks on these big reels and “good hoses” back in the day, which were ugly, took up a lot of space and eventually all broke, I decided to try the Pocket Hose which fit in the tiniest space and don’t create a huge eyesore. It outlasted the big, heavy duty ones. Of course, I got the “professional” one that is more durable, and so should you. There are copycats now, but this is the one I got and I loved it. I need to get another one!

Click the image to shop

I added these to my front steps so I will see them every time I come home. They make me happy. A bit of the funk is lifted for now. Even on this rainy day.

Watching the Royal Wedding might have also helped. Wasn’t that just lovely?? And no, I’m not going to blog about it, there are plenty of images and stories on the internet already and it’s only been a few hours!

Ozzy loved it, though.

He was totally into it.


It’s not just about pretty flowers, it’s about doing the work, getting my hands dirty, and creating something beautiful. It’s very similar to the feeling I get about my work. Which is another thing I’ve been in a funk about.

So I bought a chair…

It is kind of gross. Especially when you look underneath!

I guess it’s time to get my hands dirty. Well, figuratively speaking, anyway. I’m leaving the dirty work to the upholstery experts! But I have to come up with a new look and that isn’t as easy as it seems. What do you think I’m going to do with this chair? Maybe something FUNK-y? Don’t roll your eyes at me.

Stay tuned.

Does shopping help you get out of a funk? Check out my shop page!




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Meredith Bohn

I’ve been feeling a bit the same myself, so I can totally relate! My garden/yard was always in the “going to be great someday” category and now it is too late as we are preparing to sell next year…so I feel guilty about what could have been….so many ideas that I never got it together to try out- another source of funk ( and the weather is definitely adding to it around here, isn’t it?!?). It helps knowing others feel the same way, and I think that working on the chair could be just the boost you need…can’t wait to see what you did elide to do!

Darla Powell

Ozzy is so cute. Love this post and the honesty of it.


Ozzy is simply the coolest!! Yeah I definitely hadn’t had my usual green thumb lately but hopefully with some more sun I’ll get there.


Can’t wait to see what you do with that chair.


Now I’m motivated to run to the nursery and by some potted plants! Flowers always makes everything better.

Can’t wait to see the finished chair!

Julie Lampe

Wow! Your yard is gorgeous!! I wish I had a green thumb. Sadly, I am an herbicidal maniac. Seriously, they’ll cart me off for killing all my plants and flowers any day!


This is a beautiful garden that you have !! Must take you hours of work. The dog is a cutie and my dream dog bread :). Enjoy your day x

Donna Ford

I love the hanging planter and love your home (and the deer!) Glad you’re feeling better, I really believe getting creative remind us how important we are and what we can achieve. I used to knit and that helped me a lot!

Natalie Holden

I’m excited to see what you do with your chair. Glad to hear your spirits have been lifted x

oh Christine, I can’t bear to think of you in a funk. I can just hear you laughing and cracking another joke. It’s hard though when you do get like this…. I hope it’s just the rain talking. Sending belly laughs, wine and an invite to the UK x


Wow – great to see your garden – I am sooo envious! So lovely to see Ozzy – he’s absolutely adorable.


Life can be such a rollercoaster of emotions at times and I like the way you’re acting on getting yourself out of your funk. Just having such a beautiful dog would lift my day…. I mean just look at that face, Ozzy’s adorable 😀


Finding treasures like that amazing chair definitely lifts my funk. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with it.


OMG The photo with the dog looking back at you made me laugh out loud.
Loved the flowers you added and glad to hear the funk is lifted. Hopefully the good weather will help some more!


You have been busy!!! I have the same dahlias, they look so gorgeous don’t they?? Ozzy is just so adorable!!! Coco (my baby pug) was ‘watching’ the Royal wedding yesterday too, chilling on the sofa comfortably 🙂

Tamsin Allen

The good thing about funks (or most things in life) is that they don’t last forever. I think you should choose a funky fabric to kickstart your new funky life!

Fiona Mostyn

Such a lovely insight into your life. Your dog looks absolutely over the moon about the royal wedding!!

Jumi Awomosu

I love your personal and engaging writing style! Great to have discovered you!

Nicola Capper

With lovely Ozzy by your side I’m sure you can achieve anything!

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