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I am a terribly inconsistent blogger. I don’t know why, I have SO many things in my brain that I can talk about. I seriously could blog daily, with the volumes I carry around in my skull, but I don’t. Why? I dunno. Maybe I’m still trying to figure out what/how/why I want my blog to be. Maybe I’m afraid nobody will look or listen. Maybe I spend too much time reading all the other deliciousness out there in the blogosphere and then my writing time is up. (All the pretty online can suck hours away if you let it.)

But while I’m a blogslacker, I am still good at some other things. And right when I start to feel kind of ho-hum, I get a boost from a client and it totally makes my day!



Working on several different smaller jobs at the moment, none are incredibly transformational in the before and after department. (Or the few that prefer I don’t talk about their homes when, like, OMG, so pretty now.) The clients didn’t have such awfulness before that the pretty after stands out, which is great for them, not as exciting for me! They just need a little “makeup”.


I am waiting for the one that calls me to say, “let’s do the whole thing over, top to bottom! And you have total control over the entire thing!” You know you are out there. Call me.

Anyway, back to what made me want to write a little sum-n sum-n.

Compliments. I admit it doesn’t take much to make me happy.

Here a “clip” from an email I received today:


I forgot to say, that I loved EVERYTHING!!!!

And another:


I have to admit, I never would have chosen the rug you selected, but as usual you got it right and I love it.  I have learned to totally trust your judgement because you have a knack for choosing things I like.


This is my horn, and I’m tooting it.

Images via Pinterest and BeautyShop

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