Trying Out Something New

Rainy days equal dragging feet for me.  I have to drive all over NJ for work today but with the kids home and their social calendars, AND the rain, I’m not moving very fast.  Some online work getting done, though.  Hey, it’s something.
I created a design board by hand for a client that wanted to get the room laid out and then shop at her own pace.  This was done well over a year ago… I believe it’s been at least two years, now that I think about it!  She’s still working on it, and based on the feedback I’ve heard from some of the visitors to her house, she’s moving along and it’s looking more like the design with each step!  I’m excited, the window treatments might be done by next week, and that will make a great difference.  I still have to access an old computer’s photos to find the original design board and items, but I tried to recreate some of it today.
This is what happened:

What do you think?  There are more lamps, a rug, chairs, etc, but now I’m ready to walk out the door to do the footwork part of my day.  More to come!

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