Tufted Velvet Sofas

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It all started with the questions to a client: Do you like tufted velvet sofas?


And just like the time a client said she HATES green, so I painted a whole room in her house green and she loves it, I was now on a mission to prove that, just like there’s a green for everyone, there’s a velvet tufted sofa for everyone as well.

Now, before you get on my case… Of course, you can get a tufted sofa in a plethora of other fabrics, but lets just focus on one type for today, ok?

There are SO MANY ways to interpret a tufted velvet sofa, it’s actually really hard not to share a zillion different ones with you. I am actually restraining myself here.

ATT PYNTA navy velvet sofa gallery wall moroccan rug flower arrangement

Curvy pink is so feminine but doesn’t have to be saccharine sweet.

curved pink velvet sofa #designninja
via Ivy Lane Living

Sofas with curves are making a big comeback. You’ll probably start to notice them everywhere now.St Tropez 2 Curved Sofa in Velvet
St Tropez 2 Curved Sofa in Velvet

Paris apartment Sandra Benhamou navy velvet chesterfield sofa living room
via Sandra Benhamou

A traditional Chesterfield style is always timeless. While leather is probably most popular, I’d say velvet is right up there for this style of sofa.

There is always a petite version that could fit in smaller spaces.

Velvet Chesterfield Sofa
Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

Wait, why is there a picture of Dean Martin?

Dean Martin #designninja christine kohut interiors tufted velvet sofa
Dean Martin on a sofa!

It seems so random. Actually, I’m just checking to see if you’re still with me. Ok, not really. (Ok, yes, really.) But the sofa below is named after him, so it’s not really THAT random. I thought this yellow loveseat was fun, but this one comes in several colors and in a larger size. (And check out the feet on it!)
Dean Martin Loveseat in Venice Marigold Velvet
Christine Kohut Interiors, tufted sofa, dean martin sofa, marigold, velvet, design ninja

Design and custom sofa by B.A. Torrey navy velvet sofa Kate Moss
via B.A. Torrey

You could get tufting only on the seats.

This sectional is huge!

Upper East Side Sectional in Emerald Velvet
Upper East Side Sectional in Emerald Velvet

While navy is a really popular color, there are many shades of blue to consider.

Jeanette Whitson @housebeautiful blue velvet sectional library reading room
Jeanette Whitson via @housebeautiful

This lighter blue is really pretty.
Delano Sofa in Velvet
Delano Sofa in Velvet

via Emily Henderson

You could reupholster this in any color velvet you want!
You could reupholster this in any color velvet you want!

Kardiel midcentury velvet sofa
Shop more midcentury sofas

Designer Tip: Not all velvets are the same. For instance, silk velvet has a gorgeous, luminous sheen, and cotton velvets have more of a matte finish. There are microfiber velvets that are budget friendly, and there are also better kid/pet/husband proof fabrics, like Crypton velvets which are available from several fabric brands.

tufted blue velvet sofa Robert Allen fabric lavender drapes
Custom sofa and room designed by Christine Kohut Interiors || Photography by Laura Moss Photography

Velvet just catches the light and looks so rich and has dimension; light and dark tones throughout the sofa.
Damon Sofa in Soft Charcoal Grey
Christine Kohut Interiors, design ninja, charcoal velvet tufted sofa

Mint green is an unexpected color, and doesn’t have to be “preppy”.

mint green velvet sofa and bookcase
via Fantastic Frank

The sleek line of the back and the metal legs definitely are not preppy!St. Bart's Sofa with Biscuit Tufting in Mint Velvet
St. Bart’s Sofa with Biscuit Tufting in Mint Velvet

Perhaps you want something even more unique and fun? I’m sure these bubble sofas didn’t come to mind when you thought about tufted sofas.

Roche Bobois bubble sofa
via Roche Bobois

You know how Peeps come stuck together and you have to pull them apart? This olive green sofa kind of reminds me of that experience.

Todd Merrill Custom Originals Extended Back Tufted Sofa #designninja
Made to order via Todd Merrill Studio

Is it just a fun color you need? Like a chartreuse green…

chartreuse velvet chesterfield sofa
via Pinterest (I searched EVERYWHERE for the source but couldn’t find it.)

How about a rich magenta?

magenta tufted velvet sofa fuchsia blue lamps
Custom sofa and room designed by Christine Kohut Interiors

Or a glowing burnt orange?

Anthropology tufted velvet Kettleby Sofa #designninja
Kettelby Sofa in Cinnamon via Anthropology

Sigh. I have so many images of velvet sofas, I could go on forever. I wanted to talk about channeled sofas too, but that will have to wait for another day.

So, do you think you could live with a tufted velvet sofa? I’m sure I could find one to convince you!

Oh, and don’t forget the pillows!

One of my favorite Etsy shops
One of my favorite Etsy shops




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Donna Ford

You wouldn’t have to convince to be take any of these! Great post and you’re right, velvet is so diverse. If we ever go for a velvet sofa (which I really hope we do some day) it will need to be the tough one for pets and kids x

Natalie Holden

I’m a big fan of velvet sofas! I must admit, I did hate them at first too but I’m a convert. I realised there are so many different velvets like you say in your blog. I prefer a more matt velvet, I think its the crushed velvet that makes me shiver.

Anne Marie

I need a new sofa Now!!! They are all gorgeous, it would be impossible to choose my favourite one, so how about favourite twenty?

Stacey Sheppard

Love nearly all of these sofas. That massive green sectional and that curvy blush pink ones are my favourites. When velvet first started to make a come back I hated it. Now I’m a huge fan. Funny how trends can grow on you. Great post.

Fiona Mostyn

I absolutely love a velvet tufted sofa I’ll take all of them. Thank you!

I’m a fan! I wrote a post recently about styling one for a project. It would never work in my house with a dog and a 5-year old with sticky hands and a liberal understanding of where food should be eaten. You found some absolutely gorgeous examples here though – that dark green one…… and the pink. I’d never have a pink sofa but boy is it pretty.


Oh my, so much loveliness!! Especially love the dark blue one but could really see a pink one in our newly painted study… would be amazing with the blue-green walls.

Fawn Interiors Studio

Velvet anything but yes, yes, yes to velvet tufted sofas. They’re lush to look at, and modern velvets can be more hard-wearing than people think.


“just like the time a client said she HATES green, so I painted a whole room in her house green and she loves it” – I stopped reading after this statement! Christine, how did you manage to do that!??? What if she had hated hated hated it – I know she didn’t in the end, but what if!!! You have some mahoosive metaphorical b**** for doing that! Hats off to you. Now let me enjoy the rest of the article!

Lins @ Boo & Maddie

I can honestly say that velvet sofas had NEVER appealed to me, until I started seeing them all over social media and then I fell in love with them. However, I don’t think it’s to be for us – we have a dog and cat who are both sofa-dwellers and our dog happens to be a Springer Spaniel who spends her days caked in mud so alas it’s something less attractive but more practical for now

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