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One Room Challenge Time?!?!

Well, I clicked the sign up button for the ORC and will be showcasing the bathroom makeovers at the house I dubbed the Turning Point House. The One Room Challenge is now an eight week long event, and the “reveal” is due between May 25th and May 29th. I won’t lie, even though we actually started doing a bit before today, I’m super nervous that any of what I plan to show you will be ready by then. It’s actually the ten year anniversary of the first spring challenge, and Apartment Therapy is the Media Sponsor this time. It should be fun to see all of the cool rooms this season.

If you remember, I did my office in about 4 weeks because we didn’t even own the house yet when the ORC Fall 2020 kicked off.

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Fall 2020 One Room Challenge The Turning Point House: my office

What will I talk about?

I guess I will share why I decided to give my house the name The Turning Point House. It’s not an official fancy name. We won’t have it carved into a stone like some of the beautiful mansions on the ocean here. I like to tag projects with a unique name to make them easier to search or talk about. The name just instantly meant something when it popped into my head, like it all made sense. My husband rolls his eyes at this stuff.

If you’re new here, there some posts you can read to see some of my crazy journey over the last 3 years, like this one. But I have had more news since being here in NH that made it seem like the universe does control the plans. More on that later, since I’m actually working while on a vacation and don’t want to get all emo on you. No tears in my piña colada today, even happy ones.

Short and Sweet.

I am going to dive more into all the things next week after I get back, so Week One is short and sweet, which I’m sure you appreciate. In the land of TikTok and Reels, and swiping, it’s hard to sit down and read much these days, so I am impressed if you’ve made it this far.

Please let me know what you want to see from me in the comments, and I will try to include those things in the next post! Or just comment to say something encouraging, because they do matter! Be sure to follow my hashtag on social media #kohutturningpointhouse which I started when I started working on my home, but will also use over the next 8 weeks to showcase my ORC project(s). You might notice there are some sneak peeks at what this ORC will be about mixed in there, or maybe you’ll try to guess which rooms I will focus on.

TBH I’m not really sure myself, as was the case last time I did it. I had a completely different room selected when we bought our house sight unseen! When I got to see it in person, I was like, NOPE. So come back next week and I will have (hopefully) picked ONE room. Or maybe three like my ORC Spring 2019 Project Get Clean? How about four or five?? Probably just one. We all know I’m crazy but come one now.

Check out some of my past challenges.

See ya next week!

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Anne Detlet

Looking forward to seeing the journey & transformation. No matter which road you choose…however the path changes…you’ll get there. It seems fun & I love a challenging project.

Lisa Gage


Jenn McGlone

Love love love this article! Humor goes far with me. I also love that you have ADD or ADHD like me. This read made perfect sense to me. Thoroughly enjoyed every word. Ps.keep creating keep being you! Your fantastic amazing smarty pants self!!

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