blue palm leaf wallpaper with deep blue tile and white penny round tile

Rolling into Week Two of the One Room Challenge

I realized that even though I wrote a post for Week One, I forgot to link it on the ORC website! That’s what I get for signing up, writing, and posting last week while on vacation.

Speaking of Vacation

It was my first time to Kiawah Island, in South Carolina. The weather was crazy; sunny and humid the first day or two, tornado alerts, the craziest lightning and thunder I’ve ever experienced in my life, 40mph winds for a day or two, some gray days and some absolutely gorgeous ones.

And plenty of these:

alligator Kiawah

It was a lovely time, celebrating a friend’s birthday. I guess you can assume I was a little distracted so oopsies on not linking my Week One. But you can easily see all the other participants’ Week One that were not as distracted as me HERE.

My Project

Ok, let’s dig in to Week Two. What are we even doing?? I have a zillion things going on which I hope to sprinkle in over the eight weeks of this challenge, but the main focus of my ORC will be a brand new bathroom on my second floor. I mean it’s literally a brand new bathroom in a space where there wasn’t one before.

On the second floor we have 3 bedrooms (one being the primary suite with it’s own bathroom which is getting a makeover after all of this is done), and a hall bath. I am turning the hall bath into the new laundry room and will turn the old laundry room on the first floor into a full bathroom. That old laundry room also doubled as the powder room for visitors (yuck) but I’ve decided to build a new powder room in the mudroom instead.

Still with me?

And I haven’t even told you the other stuff yet! Let’s just stick to this bathroom project for now. There are two bedrooms, one smaller and one larger. The larger one has this wonky, crazy large double walk in closet. I mean WONKY. You open the door and you walk in and have to turn left and open bi-fold doors to a closet on one side or turn right and open bi-fold doors to another closet. It’s one big closet but actually two closets, with a dead space in the middle. It’s WEIRD. Here’s a video, hopefully this helps!

And some photos of this thing so you can really see what I’m talking about.

HUGE closet that was not well thought out. It felt like maybe there was something else here before and was converted into this. If so, it’s being converted again. Since all of my daughters are grown ups (basically-almost-sorta), they don’t live here full time. This closet is unnecessarily large for visitors. As you can see, one kid left a few pairs of shoes and some off season clothes, but not much else.

Jack and Jill

I decided to rip it all out, blow a door into the bedroom on the other side and create a Jack and Jill bath. Easy peasy, right? LOL. Right. But we are doing it. The plan includes a big vanity with storage, a kick ass futuristic bidet toilet and a tub that little kids can still take a bath in. I think if I ever sell this house, having a bathroom accessible between two “kid rooms” makes sense for the next buyers, and if I ever become a grandmother (gasp- not too soon please), I will have a kid friendly bathroom for them too.

Just typing that made my heart race. I’m not ready to be this old. By the way, my oldest daughter is getting married in the fall and that is all that anyone asks me, “are you excited to be a grandma??”

Don’t call me Grandma

I definitely don’t like that idea at all. The name, I mean. I need a cool, hip grandmother name so leave me some suggestions in the comments. Maybe I’ll be just “G”. One of my kids thinks MeeMaw is perfect. What the heck.

Beach Vibes

If you have been in the loop about my house and how I got here, you’ll know we live pretty close to the beach. Almost everyone around here has some kind of beach/nautical/seacoast vibe but full blown seashells and boats is not my jam. I just like little bits of an idea, rather than a full blown theme. I also like the bathrooms to be fun and different from the main parts of the house. Plus I wanted something that was youthful without being childlike. So this was my first go ’round at my idea for this new bathroom:

blue palm leaf wallpaper with deep blue tile and white penny round tile

Is it Beachy Enough?

Like I said, this was the first crack at it. There have already been some changes, like that floor penny tile didn’t happen. I’m kinda sad about it because I love the blue edges and I like pennies for kids’ bathrooms. Less slippery. But if you weren’t born yesterday then you know there are crazy supply chain issues, so no stock for a long time on that one. I made another selection and moved on. The wallpaper and blue tile IS happening though, so I hope you like it! I might add these knobs to the vanity I selected too.

Next week I’ll show you what’s been happening and how I solved the new issue I created by my brilliant idea: no bedroom closet. And maybe my experiment with Easy-Off oven cleaner. I always seem to find something weird to work with. Remember my liquid starch from my California project?

Again, if you read it to this point, I really, truly, super-duperly appreciate it. Please leave me few words of inspiration and my new grandma name in the comments!

Thanks again to Apartment Therapy and the ORC for inspiring me to participate again, especially in the 10th anniversary of the spring challenge.

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Just be Grams…there, done, lol! I love watching the progress and can’t wait to see it all finished, it’s going to be beautiful!

Deborah Main

Love the wallpaper!! The blues are really pretty. That closet is ridiculous!!! And I vote for MeeMaw. I’m not ready to be a Grandma either but probably will in a couple years now that our son is married. I used to call my own mother MooMaw sometimes, so that’s probably what I’ll go with when the day comes….which I hope is not too soon.

So excited you dived into the ORC again! 4 seasons did me in, but it was so fun and I have 4 new rooms in our home. You’ve already done a lot to your new home. I look forward to following along!!

Janet R Lorusso

Love the texture on that wallpaper and also sad about the demise of that great penny tile. Can’t wait to see what you do!

If my handyman miraculously reappears, I may jump back in for this ORC, but it is unlikely…I was supposed to be doing the foyer, but alas, an injury took out my most critical labor pool?!

And you are definitely not old enough and are way too cool to be a grandma .

Jenn McGlone

Wow!! So many little stories!!! Love all of them! Nope to the alligators…yes to gamma (like I am) or meemaw, love it!! Mimi! G??? Naaa to impersonal. Love the jack and Jill/ Brady bunch bathroom! Definitely a tub, for your little babes! You better get ta gettin’! ESPECIALLY on your en suite! You will need your quiet time once the little Rugrats come pouncing in! The greatest experience EVER!! As I’ve told you I’m NOT a fashionista, not a designer, I just know what I like…LOL! Mid century modern, classic contemporary…..idk! I have to be honest though….I do not think it’s “BEACHY” enough and I’m just not a fan of blue leaves…..LOL! I just can’t get on board. I see leaves when I look at that wallpaper… Per usual, I’m wishing you all the best and low stressors going forward….I recently started “tapping” to destress this crazy chick! Happy Easter!!

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