I have been working on a fresh face for a fireplace. I am torn because the clients have a funkier side to them, but they are also thinking of moving in the fairly near future. The design has to rid the room of the boring and traditional, without veering too far into another direction that makes it too hard to sell down the road.


I am going to think out loud, in a cyberspace-y, nobody can really hear me kind of way.


I love the graphic design of this fireplace wall. I think this would look amazing in white or in a deep, dark blue. I *think* the client might be into a mantel-less look.

Contemporary Living Room design by Toronto Photographer Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

This one is simple and plain, which I like, but I think I would beef up the dimensions a little and maybe put a bigger top on it.

Contemporary Living Room design by Boston Architect LDa Architecture & Interiors

This one might be too hard on the resell, but it’s pretty freakin’ awesome. I love the slate. Again, simple.

Contemporary Living Room design by San Francisco Interior Designer Modern Organic Interiors

 A beefier white mantle, something I was originally considering. Just removing all of the formality of the current traditional fireplace (dentil moldings!) and cleaning it all up.

Modern Living Room design by Los Angeles General Contractor See Construction

 I actually LOVE this one. The walls in the next room will be dark like this, but the room with the fireplace will be much lighter. I am toying with a rich wood tone like this to counter all the navy and silvery gray that I’m using.

Contemporary Home Office design

This one is black, but I would consider an inky, midnight blue as an option.

Contemporary Living Room design by Other Metros Interior Designer Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

At the end of the day, the option of just painting the traditional fireplace in an unordinary color might be the simplest, fastest, and least expensive way to liven up this room.

If this is the route we take, then I am seriously considering an apple green that has some serious shine to it.

Tropical Living Room design by Hawaii Interior Designer Philpotts Interiors

Obviously some more thinking to do….
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