What day is it??

I arrived back in NJ last night with a busted suitcase, Uber went to the old house instead of the rental we are in because I forgot where I was going, the kitchen sink was full of dishes and wasn’t draining, and the only one to greet me and give me any love was the dog.

Tried to catch up on the news and I think I heard the term 💩HOLE 10000x on regular TV.

And then this morning I woke up late, discovered my kid was still asleep and late for school. She said, there is no school, it’s Saturday.

And I believed her for a minute. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Wishing I had a tub like this to hide in all day. The DXV Drop-In Air Bath With Aqua Moment Waterfall. The name alone sounds dreamy. Imagine that waterfall spilling over your neck and those nice bubbles from the air jets…

I am dreaming of spending a day just going from this to a eucalyptus steam shower and back again. And then back to bed until it really is Saturday.

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