Winter Blues Getting You Down?

snowy winter morning in NJ #designninja

When the winter blues hit, it’s not that fun. Post-holidays but pre-spring, dark days, bad weather, everyone’s sick, travel delays, low funds in the bank account… blah!!!

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winter in NYC
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If you’ve experienced the bone chilling cold in the northeast this winter, you know it has been FREAKING COLD!! But Mother Nature is a moody woman and teased us with a 60º day earlier this week, only to bring us back to the 20s today.

winter blues bundle up #designninja
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It’s been so cold and drafty that sometimes it feels like we’re in an outdoor living room.

mountain living mountain house outdoor fireplace
via Mountain Living

It’s no wonder people want to stay home and snuggle under the covers. Well, not everyone.

ozzimus prime aka ozzy

Sn-Ugg-ly stuff

See what I did there? I’d rather be in my comfy slippers and snuggly robe. Well, if I had either of those things. I do like these, though.

Ugg slippers
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Ugg Duffield Bathrobe
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And I seem to have enough throw blankets that everyone is able to snuggle in their own, but mine are starting to look a little ratty. I’m thinking this pretty Pendleton one would look nice with my robe and slippers.

Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Washable Blanket #designninja
click image to shop for the Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Washable Blanket


If you are staying in a lot, you might want to light a candle or two. Besides the ambience of candle light in the winter, the pretty scents might keep the staleness of winter at bay. Or to combat the bad smells (we just cooked brussels sprouts, so…).

Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry Candle 100 hour
click to shop the Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry Candle

Get steamy

One thing that I really wish I had right now (and I hope you consider if you’re remodeling your bathroom or building a new one) is a steam shower. I am sure you’ve heard me mention the benefits in the past, as well as just recently after my KBIS trip where Mr Steam hosted us for lunch at Emeril’s.

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In the winter, imagine sitting in your very own steam room, loosening up your muscles and eliminating toxins while relaxing with aromatherapy. Those winter blues would start to evaporate!

There’s now an option to have an AirTempo wireless remote that you can mount anywhere, inlcuding glass, so you can change your mind where you might want to have the controls to your steam shower.

Mr Steam Air Tempo Steam Shower Remote Control
Mr Steam Air Tempo

But in addition, there’s also “an app for that”!

SteamLinx Mobile App!

Introducing the latest mobile steam room technology, the SteamLinx Mobile App.  Steamlinx allows for seamless control of essential steam room functionality using your smart phone or mobile device.  
  • SteamLinx works with ALL MrSteam controls (with MS Generators SN# 1174000 and up)
  • Set time and duration so that your steam shower is ready when you are

Can you imagine having the ability to turn on your steam shower and set the temperature and duration from the comfort of your bed before you get up? Heavenly!

Some other winter blues essentials

I have come to appreciate big, fluffy bath sheets after a hot shower, as well as fresh, clean, soft bed sheets to envelope me and comfortable pillows to rest my head on as I doze off. I just started using a cool mist diffuser in my bedroom to add humidity to the air and the lavender essential oil to help me sleep.

I put together some essentials to combat the winter blues, from cold remedies to fluffy hotel towels to the new Echo Spot that can show you the temperature outside… while you’re all snuggled up inside. After your steam shower, if you please.

beat the winter blues
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What do you like to do to relax and stay warm during the winter?









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Linda Merrill

Hope you’re all feeling better soon Christine!

Carla Aston

Fabulous! Love all the helpful products too.

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