Your Own Jarvis

How many of you own something like a Nest Thermostat, Amazon Echo, Ring Doorbell, Google Home, or even a Smart TV? Wifi bulbs, switches, or outlets? Video cameras? What if you could not only control everything from one place, but you felt more comfortable knowing hackers aren’t going to be getting into your cameras?

What if you can use just one remote to control the music throughout the house, as well as all of the TVs throughout the house, turn off the lights, close the garage, and lock the doors, all while sprawled out on the sofa catching up on your latest Netflix binge?

The Neeo Remote by Control4

Or if you could use your phone to control things when the kids are home and you’re out and about?

Or what if you have a house with killer views of Las Vegas and you can simply tap a button or use your voice to control the glass doors, draperies and screens? I mean, look at this place!

The New American Home in Henderson, Nevada.

Connected Kitchen Appliances

Have you looked at any new appliances lately? The newest appliances have WiFi capabilities. And even those can be tied into a whole home smart system! Thermador has some incredible appliances that not only have smart technology, they look pretty sharp as well.

Thermador wall oven with WiFi technology
A dream vanity area with a coffee station and refrigerator drawers

Could you imagine having a space like this? You sit to get ready for work and you can tell the mirror (from Kohler) to start your coffee. You have refrigerator drawers that can hold your cream for your coffee. Or if you’re prepping for a night out, maybe you have wine in there. There’s always the possibility you might want to chill your face masks or skin care products as well. Really, the possibilities are endless.

While that vanity area is a dreamy example of the possibilities, there are more realistic ways to use some of their appliances. They have fantastic induction ranges like this one.

But look, you can turn down something to simmer from your phone if you need to!

With Freedom® induction the entire surface of the cooktop can be used as one large cooking area. Up to 6 pots or pans can be heated simultaneously in any position. The Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect®, provides added flexibility and personalization.
It’s crazy how technology has been embedded into things you use every day.

Learn more about their Home Connect features HERE.

Another favorite was this glassware dishwasher shown below.

They have created a dedicated glassware dishwasher that will remove the toughest lipstick

Thermador has two collections: the Masterpiece Collection and the Professional Collection. Both are so gorgeous. Both have Home Connect features. Beauty and brains!

I love the superhero Ironman, and Tony Stark’s Jarvis was something I always wished I had in my own home.

It’s starting to feel more and more possible to have a Tony Stark house with all of the things Control4 has to offer and Home Connect kitchen appliances from Thermador . As SPONSORS for our DesignHounds KBIS 2020 trip, we got one on one time with these smart guys at Control4 in their tiny house display at KBIS and the New American Home in Henderson, Nevada, as well as a private tour with Thermador to see, touch and experience their latest appliance. I’m blown away at all the ways to automate your home. My friends know I love techy stuff, so I was totally nerding out.

What is KBIS, anyway?

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is North America’s premier annual event dedicated to the kitchen and bath industry. KBIS is the voice of the kitchen and bath industry and has been for 50 years.


KBIS hosts over 600 companies in the kitchen and bath industry. Source the latest industry designs, products and technology. No other event offers an interactive look at the top brands, the ability to compare products side-by-side and get answers straight from the manufacturers.

Owned by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), KBIS is an inspiring, interactive platform that showcases the latest product innovations and trends from leading kitchen and bath brands. Each year kitchen and bath designers, dealers, architects, builders, and remodelers from all over the world attend KBIS to not only discover the newest product innovations, but to also take advantage of the education and networking.

In addition to the trade show exhibits and events, we had some great sessions at the KBISNext stage and the DesignMilk/Modenus Lounge. From designers on panels covering many topics, to brand speed rounds with Kelli Ellis and Design Bites, to various talks about products, wellness, networking and business skills, these were some of the most valuable parts of KBIS for me.

I loved going to KBIS with the DesignHounds this year! See some of my favorites in this video.

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Darla Powell

I really want a Jarvis!

Sheri Bruneau

That vanity with the Kohler mirror! Ask it to make your coffee while you’re getting ready. Can I hear a, “yes please?”

Lisa Peck

So many great ideas here. I understand that more people are needing refrigerator drawers for face care products that are preservative-free and healthier. I love that manufacturers are responding so well to what homeowners want and need.

Christina Rodriguez

I live the idea of controlling everything from your phone. Looks like that’s the way it’s all going.

Carla Aston

Love all these Thermador appliances and how “smart” everything is. I wish I had induction cooking, it’s definitely going in my next house.

Leslie Carothers

The ability to control everything from one remote? Genius! Bravo to Control 4 for making that possible! And I love the idea of having a Thermador drawer built into my vanity area to keep my makeup fresh and bacteria free!

Thanks for a great post, full of useful ideas from these two brands, Chris!


The future looks fun! Control4 is super impressive and exciting. I had the pleasure of meeting with them at an event in Boston last year. I love the idea of incorporating that tech!


Loved the cooktop freedom of surface! So practical. Thank you for sharing!

Mary Ann Benoit

Well you had me at “coffee station in the vanity”. Holy cow, it is just amazing what all this new technology can do. Thanks for sharing.


You had me at wine in my vanity.

Janet Lorusso

Okay, that Freedom induction cooktop is making me rethink my affection for gas cooking. Brilliant idea! And that New American Home? I feel like I’d probably fall into the pool a little too often, but WOW!

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